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Electronics Engineering Objective Questions { Operational Amplifier and Its Applications  }

64. The class B push-pull circuit candeliver 100W of a.c. output power. What should be the minimum power rating of each transistor?
A. 20 W
B. 40 W
C. 10 W
D. 80 W
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65.  What turn ratio (N /N) of transformer is required to mate% 4 LI speaker to a transistor having an output impedance of 80001?
D. none of the above
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66. A transformer coupled class A power amplifier has a load of 100 L2 on the secondary. If the turn ratio is 10: 1, what is the value of load appearing on the primary?
B. 20 ka
C. 1001d2
D. 10 ki2
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67.  Power amplifiers generally use transformer coupling because transformer permits
A. cooling of the circuit
B. impedance matching
C. distortionless output
D. good frequency response
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68. Transformer coupling can be used in amplifiers.
A. either power or voltage
B. only power
C. only voltage
D. none of the above
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69. The output transformer used in a power amplifier is a _____ transformer.
A. 1: I ratio
B. step-up
C. step-down
D. none of the above
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70. The most important consideration in power amplifiers is ____ biasing the circuit
A. collector efficiency
B. to keep the transformer cool
C. none of the above
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