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ECE Objective Questions { Operational Amplifier and Its Applications }

1. An OP-AMP can be classified as amplifier.
A. linear
B. low-r.
C. positive feedback
D. RC-coupled

2.  An ideal OP-AMP has
A. infinite A,
B. infinite
C. zero Ro
D. all the above.

3. OP-AMP have become very popular in industry mainly because
A. they are dirt cheap
B. their external characteristics can be changed to suit any application
C. of their extremely small size
D. they are available in different packages.

4. Since input resistance of an ideal OP-AMP is infinite
A. its output resistance is zero
B. its output voltage becomes independent of load resistance
C. its input current is zero
D. it becomes a current-controlled device

5. The gain of an actual OP-AMP is around

6. When an input voltage of 1 V is applied to an OP-AMP having A = 106 and bias supply of +15V, the output voltage available is
A. 15 x 106V
B. 106V
C. 15 lAV
D. 15 V.

7. An inverting amplifier has Rf =2 M and R =2 K, Its scale factor is
C. 10-3
D. ?1 0-3

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