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Electronics Engineering Objective Questions { Microwave Devices and Circuits }

176.  Microwave power measuring devices which generate a voltage on absorption of microwave power are called
A. thermocouples and crystals
B. crystals
C. thermocouples
D. none of these
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177. One of the following microwave devices is used in the measurement of Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (VSWR). It is the
A. travelling detector
B. bolometer
C. coupling loop
D. none of these
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178.  Experimental data needed to determine microwave impedance or admittance from the concerned chart are Coupling Device
A. VSWR reading position of crystal current minimum and its location with respect to impedance in question
B. VSWR reading only
C. Reading of crystal current maximum and minimum
D. none of these
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179. Microwave impedance measurement at different frequencies can be achieved with the help of
A. a spectrum analyzer
B. a travelling detector and other auxiliary apparatus
C. an arrangement employing a microwave bridge (using a magic tee) and other auxiliary apparatus
D. none of these
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180.  Beam loading is lesser if
A. the transit time is short
B. the transit time is appreciable
C. the beam is moving faster
D. none of these
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181. Amplitude Hysteresis phenomenon
A. occurs in all microwave oscillators
B. is a common feature to all microwave amplifiers and oscillators
C. is observed in most oscillators under some conditions
D. none of these
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182.  The most important factor that limits the frequency of operation of conventional triodes and tetrodes at microwave frequencies is
A. the electron transit time
B. the limitation of the amount of heat theat can be dissipated in electrodes of conventional tubes
C. the increased power losses
D. the effect of interelectrode capacitances and lead inductances
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