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ECE Objective Questions { Microwave Devices and Circuits }

106. TWT is preferred to multicavity klystron amplifier because it is
A. more efficient
B. greater B.W.
C. has higher number of modes
D. produces a higher output power

107. Indicate the false statement Klystron amplifiers may use intermediate cavities to
A. prevent the oscillations that occure in twocavity klystron
B. improve the power gain
C. increase the efficiency of the klystron
D. increase the bandwidth of the device

108. The reflex klystron is often preferred to the two-cavity klystron oscillator because the former
A. is more efficient
B. has higher number of modes
C. is easier to tune
D. produces a higher output power

109. A quarter-wave stub shorted at the end has high impedance
A. at shorted end
B. ?4 back from the short X
C. ? back from the short 2
D. at the centre

110.  A transmission line has a VSVVR of 2, the reflection coefficient is 1
A. ?3
C. 1?

111. Which of the following is not an application of microwave cavities?
A. Band pass filter
B. Band stop filter
C. Oscillator frequency control
D. Detector

112. In a magnetron the electrons travel in a cycloidal path because
A. the anode is negative
B. the cathode is positive
C. permanent magnets supply a strong field
D. the cavities are resonant

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