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ECE Objective Questions { Microwave Devices and Circuits }

71. Indicate which of the following system is digital pulse? modulation.
A. position
B. code
C. width
D. frequency

72. The main disadvantage of the two-hole directional coupler is
A. low directional coupling
B. poor directivity
C. high SWR
D. narrow bandwidth

73.  Indicate the false statement. SWR on a transmission line is infinity; the line is terminated in a/an
A. short circuit
B. complex impedance
C. open circuit
D. pure reactance

74. One of the following types of noise becomes of great importance at high frequencies. It is the?noise
A. shot
B. agitation
C. flicker
D. transit?time

75. To provide two or more voice circuits for the same carrier, it is possible to use
B. carrier reinsertion
C. SSB with pilot carrier
D. SSB with carrier suppressed

76. When microwave signals follow the curvature of the Earth, this is known as
A. the Faraday effect
B. ducting
C. tropospheric scatter
D. ionospheric reflection

77. When the modulating frequency is doubled, the modulation index is halved and the modulating voltage remains constant. The modulation system is
A. amplitude modulation
B. phase modulation
C. frequency modulation
D. any one of the three

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