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ECE Objective Questions { FET and FET Amplifiers }

57. A FET consists of a
A. source
B. drain
C. gate
D. all of the above

58. FETs have similar properties to
A. PNP transistors
B. NPN transistors
C. thermonic valves
D. unijunction transistors

59. For small values of drain-to-source voltage JFET behaves like a
A. resistor
B. constant-current source
C. constant-voltage source
D.(c) negative resistance

60.  In a JFET, the primary control on drain current is exerted by
A. channel resistance
B. size of depletion regions
C. voltage drop across channel
D. gate reverse bias

61. After Vps reaches pinch-off value VP in JFET, drain current ID becomes
A. zero
B. low
C. saturated
D. reversed

62. In a JFET, as external bias applied to the gate is increased
A. channel resistance is decreased
B. drain current is increased
C. pinch-off voltage is reached at lower values of ID
D. size of depletion regions is reduced

63.  In a JFET, drain current is maximum when VGS is
A. zero
B. negative
C. positive
D. equal to VP

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