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Electronics Engineering Objective Questions { FET and FET Amplifiers }

50. The dv / dt effect in an SCR can result in
A. high rate-of-rise of anode voltage
B. increased junction capacitance
C. false triggering
D. low capacitive charging current
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51. The di / dt effect in an SCR leads to the formation of
A. local hot spots
B. conduction zone
C. charge spreading zone
D. none of the above
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52. SCR turns OFF from conducting state to blocking state on
A. reducing gate current
B. reversing gate voltage
C. reducing anode current below holiding current value
D. applying ac to the gate
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53. When a thyristor is negatively biased
A. all the three junctions are negatively biased
B. outer junctions are positively biased and the inner junction in negatively biased.
C. outer junctions are negatively biased and the inner junction is positively biased
D. the junction near the anode is negatively biased and the one near the cathode is positively biased
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54. A LASCR is just like a conventional SCR except that it
A. cannot carry large current
B. can also be light-triggered
C. has no gate terminal
D. cannot be pulse-triggered
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55. The minimum value of current required to maintain conduction in an SCR is called its ___ current.
A. commutation
B. holding
C. gate trigger
D. breakover
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56. Diacs are primarily used as
A. pulse generators
B. triggering devices
C. surge protection devices
D. powr thyristors
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