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ECE Objective Questions { FET and FET Amplifiers }

36. An SCS has
A. four layers and three terminals
B. three layers and four terminals
C. two anodes and two gates
D. one anode, one cathode and two gates

37. An SCS may be switched ON by a
A. positive pulse at its anode
B. negative pulse at its cathode
C. positive pulse at its cathode gate 02
D. positive pulse at its anode gate 01

38. A LASCR is just like a conventional SCR except that it
A. cannot carry large current
B. can also be light-triggered
C. has no gate terminal
D. cannot be pulse-triggered.

39. A unijunction transistor has
A. anode, cathode and a gate
B. two bases and one emitter
C. two anode and one gate
D. anode, cathode and two gates

40. Which semiconductor device acts like a diode and two resistors?
B. triac
C. diac

41. A UJT has RBB = 10 K and RB2 = 4 K. Its intrinsic stand-off ratio is
D. 5/3

42. An SCR conducts appreciable current when its with respect to cathode.
A. anode and gate are both negative
B. anode and gate are both positive
C. anode is negative and gate is positive
D. gate is negative and anode is positive

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