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Electronics Engineering Objective Questions { FET and FET Amplifiers }

155. The transconductance gm of a JFET is of the order of
A. 1 mS
B. 1 S
C. 100 S
D. 1000 S
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156. Inter electrode capacitances in an FET are of the order of
A. 1 pF
B. 100 pF
C. 0.1 [IF
D. 1 1.1F
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157. The dynamic drain resistance of a JFET is of the order of
A. 1 Id2
B. 1c1/
C. 500 Mil
D. 100 Mil
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158. The dynamic drain resistance of MOSFET is of the order of
A. 10 IcS2
B. 500 kci
C. 5 mu
D. 100 MCI
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159. The magnitude of the threshold voltage VT for enhancement MOSFET is of the order of
A. 4 volts
B. 10 volts
C. 40 volts
D. 100 volts
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160. Out of the four devices mentioned below, the tastes switching device is
D. Triode
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161. The JFET can operate in
A. depletion mode only
B. enhancement mode only
C. either depletion or enhancement mode at a time
D. both depletion and enhancement modes simultaneously
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