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Electronics Engineering Objective Questions { FET and FET Amplifiers }

134. The mobility of an electron in a conductor is expressed in terms of
A. cm2N-s
B. cm/V-s
C. cm2N
D. cm2/s
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135. As the teperature is increased, the voltage across a diod carrying a diode carrying a constant current
A. increases
B. decreases
C. remains constant
D. may increase or decrease depending
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136. A CE amplifier has a resistor RF connected between collector and base RF = 40 k. Rc = 4 k. Given hr e = 50, = 1 k, the output resistance Rod is given by
A. 40 k
B. 20 k
C. 4 k
D. 0.66 k
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137. When two dientical stages with upper cut off at con are cascaded, the over all B dB point is at
A. cull
B. 2 coli
C. 0.5 cal
D. 0.64 cull
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138. A three stage cascaded amplifier of identical non-interacting FET common source stage has all over an voltage again of 1000 and overall bandwidth of 25 x 106 rad/sec. Given gm = 5mAvolt, the shut capacitance of each stage is given by
A. 20 pF
B. 10 pF
C. 3.2 pF
D. 1.6 pF
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139. The gain bandwidth product of a two stage CE amplifier is
A. the same as that of one stage
B. greater than the of one stage
C. less than that of one stage
D. the product of the two gain bandwidth products of each stage
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140. Given for an FET, gm = 95 mA/volt, total capacitance = 500 pF. For a voltage gain of ?30441ve bandwidth will be
A. 100 kHz
B. 630 kHz
C. 3 MHz
D. 10 MHz
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