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ECE Objective Questions { FET and FET Amplifiers }

8. FETs have similar properties to
A. PNP transistors
B. NPN transistors
C. thermionic valves
D. unijunction transistors

9.  Which statement about MOSFET is false? It can operate in
A. depletion mode
B. enhancement mode
C. depletion and enhancement modes
D. depletion-only mode

10.  In a JFET, the point of reference is usually
A. drain
B. source
C. gate
D. either (b) or (c)

11.  In a JFET, the primary control on drain current is exerted by
A. channel resistance
B. size of depletion regions
C. voltage drop across channel
D. gate reverse bias

12.  After Nips reaches pinch-off value Vp in a JFET, drain current ID becomes
A. zero
B. low
C. saturated
D. reversed

13. In a JFET, drain current in maximum when VGs is
A. zero
B. negative
C. positive
D. equal to Vp

14. A JFET can be cut-off with the help of
A. VGs

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