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ECE Objective Questions { FET and FET Amplifiers }

127. As compared to a full wave rectifier using two diodes, the four diode bridge rectifier has the dominant advantage of
A. higher current carrying
B. lower peak inverse requirement
C. lower ripple factor
D. higher efficiency

128. A 24 V, 600 mW, Zener diode is to be used in for providing a 24V stabilized supply to a variable load. Assuming for a proper Zener action, a minimum of 10mA must flow through the zener. If the input voltage is 32V, what would be the value of R and maximum load current?
A. 3200, 10 inA
B. 400(2, 15 inA
C. 4000, 10 inA
D. 320,Q, 15 mA

129. The threshold voltage of an n-channel MOSFET can be increased by
A. increasing the channel doping concentration
B. reducing the channel length
C. reducing gate oxide thickness
D. decreasing the channel doping concentration

130. The MOSFET switch in its on-state may be considered equivalent to
A. Thyristor
C. Triac

131.  A properly biased JFET will act as a
A. current controlled current source
B. voltage controlled voltage source
C. voltage controlled current source
D. current controlled voltage source of a of the transistor

132. If a = 0.98, 'Co = 6 ittA and 10 = 100 IAA for a transistor, then the value of lc will be
A. 2.3 mA
B. 3.1 mA
C. 4.6 mA
D. 5.2 tnA

133. An n-channel JFET having a pinch-off voltage (Vi) of ?5V shows a transconductance (gm) of 1 mA/V, when the applied gate-source voltage (VGs) is ?3V. Its maximum transconductance (inmA/V) will be

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