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Electronics Engineering Objective Questions { FET and FET Amplifiers }

120. In a FET
A. both the functions are reversed biased
B. one function is revised biased and the other forward biased
C. one function has reversed biased on both side of the function
D. one function has revised biased on other side and forward bias on the othyer side
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121. In an FET as V changed from zero to increasing reverse bias, the value of gm
A. increased
B. decreased
C. remains constant
D. falls suddenly to zero
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122.  A JFET is set up as source follower. Given, p. = 200, rd = 100 k and source load resistance RL = 1k. The output resistance Re is given approximated by
A. 1000 S-2
B. 500 SZ
C. 333 S2
D. 666 12
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123. A 24 V, 600 mW, Zener diode is to be used for providing a 24 V stabilized supply to a variable load. Assume that for proper Zener action, a minimum of 10 mA must flow through the Zener. If the input voltage is 32 V, what would be the value of R and the maximum load current?
A. 320 LI, 10 mA
B. 400 Cl, 15 mA
C.400, 10 mA
D. 320 SZ, 15 mA
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124. Thermal runaway is not possible in FET because as the temperature of FET increases
A. the mobility decreases
B. the transconductance increases
C. the drain current increases
D. none of the above
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125. The early effect in a bipolar junction transistor is caused by
A. fast turn-ON
B. fast turn-OFF
C. large collector-base reverse bias
D. large emitter base forward bias
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126. The breakdown voltage of a transistor with its base open is BVcE0 and that with emitter open is BV"0, then
A. BlicE0 < BV030
B. BVcEo = BVcB0
C. BVcEo >
D. Both voltages are unrelated
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