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Electronics Engineering Objective Questions { FET and FET Amplifiers }

113. A certain JFET data sheet gives VGS(off) =-4 V. The pinch-off voltage VP is
A. +4 V
B. -4 V
C. dependent on VGs
D. data insufficient
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114. The constant-current region of a JFET lies between
A. cut off and saturation
B. cut off and pinch-off
C. 0 and iGss
D. pinch-off and breakdown
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115. At cut-off, the JFET channel is
A. at its widest point
B. completely closed by the depletion region
C. extremely narrow
D. reverse biased
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116.  If a = 0.995, 1 E = 10 mA and Ito = 0.5 ma, then IcED will be
A. 100 RA
B. 25 IAA
C. 10.1 RA
D. 10.5 pA
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117.  If the input ac is 10 Vrms, the maximum voltage that will appear across the diode of a half-wave rectifier with a capacitor input filter will be
A. 10 V
B. 14 V
C. 20 V
D. 28 V
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118. Given for an FET, gm = 9.5 mA/volt, total capacitance = 500 pF. For a voltage gain of-30, the bandwidth will
A. 100 kHz
B. 630 kHz
C. 3 MHz
D. 19 MHz
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119. The parameters of an, FET are gm = 3mA/V, rd = 312 R1 = 3k as a source follower load. The input impedance is give by
A. 333 Si
B. 3 1(0
C. 2.71a1
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