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Electronics Engineering Objective Questions { FET and FET Amplifiers }

106. In a FET, there are ___ pn junctions at the sides
A. three
B. four
D. two
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107. The transconductance of a JFET ranges from
A. 100 to 500 mAN
B. 500 to 1000 mAN
C. 0.5 to 30 mAN
D. above 1000 mAN
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108. The source terminal of a JFET corresponds to __ of a vacuum tube.
A. plate
B. cathode
C. grid
D. none of the above
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109.  The output characteristics of a JFET closely resemble the output characteristics of a valve.
A. pentode
B. tetrode
C. triode
D. diode
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110. If the cross-sectional area of the channel in n-channel JFET increases, the drain current
A. is increased
B. is decreased
C. remains the same
D. none of the above
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111. The channel of a JFET is between the
A. gate and drain
B. drain and source
C. gate and source
D. input and output
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112. For VGs = 0 V, the drain current becomes constant when YDS exceeds
A. cut off
C. Vp
D. 0 V
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