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ECE Objective Questions { FET and FET Amplifiers }

99. A MOSFET uses the electric field of a _____ to control the channel current.
A. capacitor
B. battery
C. generator
D. none of the above

100. The pinch-off voltage in a JFET is analogous to ___ voltage in a vacuum tube.
A. anode
B. cathode
C. grid cut off
D. none of the above

101. In class A operation, the input circuit of a JFET is ____ biased.
A. forward
B. reverse
C. not
D. none of the above

102.  If the gate of a JFET is made less negative, the width of the conducting channel
A. remains the same
B. is decreased
C. is increased
D. none of the above

103. The pinch-off voltage of a JFET is about
A. 5 V
B. 0.6 V
C. 15 V
D. 25 V

104. The input impedance of a MOSFET is of the order of
A. f at constant VGs
B. a few hundred SI
C. k S at constant fps i
D. several M

105. The gate voltage in a JFET at which drain current becomes zero is called ____ voltage.
A. saturation
B. pinch-off
C. active
D. cut-off

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