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Electronics Engineering Objective Questions { FET and FET Amplifiers }

71. The extremely high input impedance of a MOSFET is primarily due to the
A. absence of its channel
B. negative gate-source voltage
C. depletion of current carriers
D. extremely small leakage current of its gate capacitor
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72. The main factor which makes a MOSFET likely to break down during normal handling is its
A. very low gate capacitance
B. high leakage current
C. high input resistance
D. both (a) and (c)
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73. The main factor which differentiates a DE MOSFET from an E-only MOSFET is the absence of
A. insulated gate
B. electrons
C. channel
D. P-N junctions
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74. The polarity of VGs for E-only MOSFET is
A. positive
B. negative
C. zero
D. depends on P-or N-channel
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75.  A transconductance amplifier has
A. high input impedance and low output impedance
B. low input impedance and high output impedance
C. high input and output impedances
D. low input and output impedances
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76. The threshold voltage of an n-channel enhancement mode MOSFET is 0.5 V, when the device is biased at a gate voltage of 3V, pinch-off would occur at a drain voltage of
A. 1.5 V
B. 2.5 V
C. 3.5 V
D. 4.5 V
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77. The zero gate channel resistance of a junction field-effect transistor is 750 and the pinch-off voltage is 3V. For a gate bias of 1.5 V and very low drain voltage, the device would behave as a resistance of
A. 320 fi
B. 816 Ll
C. 1000 S-2
D. 1270 L2
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