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Electronics Engineering Objective Questions { FET and FET Amplifiers }

64. The voltage gain of a given common-source JFET amplifier depends on its
A. input impedance
B. amplification factor
C. dynamic drain resistance
D. drain load resistance
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65. A JFET has the disadvantage of
A. being noisy
B. having small gain-bandwidth product
C. possessing positive temperature coefficient
D. having low input impedance
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66. A JFET can be cut-off with the help of
A. VGs
B. VDs
C. V
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67. The drain source voltage at which drain current becomes nearly constant is called
A. barrier voltage
B. breakdown voltage
C. pick-off voltage
D. pinch-off voltage
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68. An FET source follower circuit has of 2 millimho and of 50 ka. If the source resistance Rs is 1 ka, the output resistance of the amplifier will be
B. 450 a
D. 1 k
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69. A DE MOSFET differs from a JFET in the sense that it has no
A. channel
B. gate
C. P-N junctions
D. substate
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70.  For the operation of enhancement only N-channel MOSFET, value of gate voltage has to be
A. high positive
B. high negative
C. low positive
D. zero
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