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ECE Objective Questions { FET and FET Amplifiers }

1. A field-effect-transistor (FET) operates on
A. majority carriers only
B. minority carriers only
C. positively-charged ions only
D. all the above

2. Statement-I JFET operates only in enhancement mode,Statement-2-MOSFET operates both in depeletion and enhancement modes. Key
A. only statement I is true
B. only statement 2 is true
C. both statements 1 and 2 are true
D. neither statement I nor 2 is true

3. Statement-I An N-channel deple- A P-channel ention mode is a normally ON device requiring a positive voltage to turn if ON,Statement-2 MOSFET hancement mode MOSFET is a normally-OFF device negative gate voltage requiring to turn it OFF. Key
A. only statement 1 is correct
B. only statement 2 is correct
C. both statements I and 2 are correct
D. neither of the two statements is correct

4. Each of the following statements reading JFET is true except
A. it is a 3-terminal unipolar semiconductor decice
B. like vacuum tubes, it is voltage controlled device
C. in its schematic symbol, the arrow always points to P-type material
D. it has two internally-connected heavily-doped gates

5. One advantage of FET over a bipolar is its lower input resistance This statement is
A. true
B. false
C. depends on whether it is JFET or MOSFET
D. all the above

6. JFET is often called square-law device because its
A. drain current varies as square of drain voltage for a fixed gate-source voltage
B. transconductance curve is parabolic
C. reverse gate leakage current varies as square of the reverse gate voltage
D. ac resistance from drain to source varies inversely as square of the drain current

7. A JFET can operate in
A. depletion and enhancement modes
B. depletion mode only
C. enhancement mode only
D. neither enhancement nor depletion mode

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