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Electronics Engineering Objective Questions { Diode Circuits  }

36. Excessive hum in a power supply could be due to
A. open filter choke
B. capacitor
C. defective rectifier
D. any of the above
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37. The rms ripple voltage is 20 mV for a 15 V dc output. The percentage ripple factor will be
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38. The dc output voltage is 40 V at full load and 41 V without any load current. The load regulation is
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39. The gate is -5 V and the anode voltage is 500 V. It can be concluded that SCR is
A. ON at full load
B. ON at part load
C. ON at no load
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40. For a SCR typical gate trigger voltage is
A. 0.2 V
B. 6 V
C. 60 V
D. 600 V
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41. The voltage drop across a triac in conduction is about
A. 1 gV
B. 1 mV
C. 1 mV
D. 100 V
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42. The voltage drop across a SCR in conduction state is about
A. 100 V
B. 1 V
C. 30 V
D. 1 gV
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