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ECE Objective Questions { Diode Circuits }

29. The depletion or space-charge region in a junction diode contains charges that are
A. mostly majority carriers
B. mostly minority carriers
C. mobile donor and acceptor ions
D. fixed donor and acceptor ions

30. As compared to mercury arc rectifiers, mental rectifiers
A. can operate at high loads
B. can operate on high voltages
C. operate on low temperatures
D. give poor regulation

31. A full wave rectified sine wave is clipped such that the effective value is 0.5 ym. The amplitude at which the waveform is clipped, will be
A. 0.381 Ym
B. 0.481 Ym
C. 5.581 Ym
D. 0.681 Ym

32. If the effective value of half-wave rectified sine wave is 20. The average value of the wave will be

33. A voltage function is given by v(t) = 100 + 25 sin 3 cot + 10 sin 5 cot volts The RMS value will be
A. 59.9 V
B. 68.9 V
C. 90.8 V
D. 101.8 V

34. The dc output voltage drops from 48 V with no load to 46 V at full load. The percentage load regulation is

35. In a power supply with normal ac input if there is no V+ output, the trouble could be with
A. rectifier
B. open filter choke
C. excessive hum
D. none of the above

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