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Electronics Engineering Objective Questions { Diode Circuits  }

204. A 30 V zener will have depletion layer width that of 10 V zener.
A. more than
B. less than
C. equal to
D. none of the above
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205. The current in a zener diode is limited by
A. It is a diode
B. It is a constant-current device
C. It is a constant-voltage device
D. It works in the forward region
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206. A Zener diode
A. is a battery
B. acts like a battery in the breakdown region
C. has a barrier potential of 1 V
D. is forward biased
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207. The load voltage is approximately constant when a zener diode is
A. forward biased
B. unbiased
C. reverse biased
D. operating in the breakdown region
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208. In a loaded zener regulator, which is the largest zener current?
A. series current
B. zener current
C. load current
D. none of the above
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209. If the load resistance decreases in a zener regulator, then zener current
A. decreases
B. stays the same
C. increases
D. none of the above
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210. If the input a.c. voltage to unregulated or ordinary power supply increases by 5%, what will be the approximate change in d.c. output voltage?
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