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Electronics Engineering Objective Questions { Diode Circuits  }

162. For the same secondary voltage, the output voltage from a centre-tap rectifier is ___ than that of bridge rectifier.
A. twice
B. thrice
C. four times
D. one-half
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163. If the PIV rating of a diode is exceeded,
A. the diode conducts poorly
B. the diode is destroyed
C. the diode behaves as zener diode
D. none of the above
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164. A 10 V power supply would use __ as filter capacitor
A. paper capacitor
B. mica capacitor
C. electrolytic capacitor
D. air capacitor
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165. A 1000 V power supply would use ____ as a filter capacitor.
A. paper capacitor
B. air capacitor
C. mica capacitor
D. electrolytic capacitor
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166. The ___ filter circuit results in the best voltage regulation.
A. choke input
B. capacitor input
C. resistance input
D. none of the above
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167. A half-wave rectifier has an input voltage of 240 V r.m.s. If the step-down transformer has a turns ratio of 8 : 1, what is the peak load voltage? Ignore diode drop.
A. 27.5 V
B. 86.5 V
C. 30 V
D. 42.5 V
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168. The maximum efficiency of a half-wave rectifier is
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