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ECE Objective Questions { Diode Circuits }

8. LED's do not require
A. heating
B. warm up time
C. both (a) and (b) above
D. none of the above

9. A zener diode
A. has a high forward voltage rating
B. has a sharp breakdown at low reverse voltage
C. can be used as an amplifier
D. none of the above

10. The conduction in a SCR is controlled by
A. gate
B. anode
C. cathode
D. all of the above

11. When a SCR is conducting it has
A. infinitely large resistance
B. resistance of few megaohms
C. low resistance
D. zero resistance

12. The characteristics of a thyristor closely resemble to the characteristics of
A. PN-j unction
B. Constant voltage source
C. Constant current source
D. 'Thyratron gas tube

13. Which of the following is not a four layer diode?
B. Triac
C. Thyrisor
D. Diac

14. A triac is like a
A. unidirectional SCR
B. bidirectional SCR
C. NPN transistor
D. PNP transistor

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