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Electronics Engineering Objective Questions { Diode Circuits  }

120. An op-amp shunt regulator differs from the series regulator in the sense that its control element is connected in
A. series with line resistor
B. parallel with line resistor
C. parallel with load resistor
D. parallel with input voltage
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121.  A switching voltage regulator can be of the following type :
A. step-down
B. step-up
C. inverting
D. all of the above
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122.  In an inverting type switching regulator,output voltage is ____ input voltage
A. lesser than
B. greater than
C. equal to
D. opposite to
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123. The output voltage of a step-down type switching voltage regulator depends on
A. input voltage
B. duty cycle
C. transistor on-time
D. all of the above
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124. As compared to voltage regulators made up of discrete components, IC regulators have the inherent advantage/s of
A. self protection against over-temperature
B. remote control
C. current limiting
D. all of the above
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125. A three terminal monolithic IC regulator can be used as
A. an adjustable output voltage regulator alone
B. an adjustable output voltage regulator and a current regulator
C. a current regulator and a power switch
D. a current regulator alone
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126. A crystal diode has
A. one pn junction
B. two pn junctions
C. three pn junctions
D. none of the above
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