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ECE Objective Questions { Diode Circuits }

113. A 10-V dc regulator power supply has a regulation of 0.005 per cent. Its output voltage will vary within an envelope of ___ millivolt.
B. ? 0.5
D.? 0.05

114. An ideal voltage regulator has a voltage regulation of

115. In a Zener diode shunt voltage regulator, the diode regulates so long as it is kept in condition.
A. forward
B. reverse
C. loaded
D. unloaded

116. The power efficiency of a switching voltage regulator is much higher than that of a linear regulator because it operates.
A. in saturation
B. in cut-off
C. like a switch
D. on high duty cycle

117. A transistor series voltage regulator is called emiter-follower regulator because the emitter of the pass transistor follows the voltage.
A. output
B. input
C. base
D. collector

118. In an op-amp series voltage regulator, output voltage depends on
A. Zener voltage
B. voltage divider resistors
C. output voltage
D. both (a) and (b)

119. In a feedback series regulator circuit, the output voltage is regulated by controlling the
A. magnitude of input voltage
B. gain of the feedback transistor
C. reference voltage
D. voltage drop across the series pass transistor

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