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ECE Objective Questions { Diode Circuits }

99. The bulk resistance of a diode is the resistance of
A. P and N materials
B. junction only
C. P material only
D. N material only

100. The reverse resistance of a P-N junction diode is given by
A. forward voltage/reverse leakage current
B. breakdown voltage/reverse leakage current
C. either of the above
D. none of the above

101. The ripple factor of a power supply is a measure of
A. its filter efficiency
B. its voltage regulation
C. diode rating
D. purity of power output

102. The basic reason why a FW rectifier has twice the efficiency of a HW rectifier is that
A. it makes use of a transformer
B. its ripple factor is much less
C. it utilizes both half-cycle of the input
D. its output frequency is double the line frequency.

103. The output of a half-wave rectifier is suitable only for
A. running car radios
B. running ac motors
C. charging batteries
D. running tape-recorders

104. The ripple factor of a bridge rectifier is

105.  The PIV of a half0wave rectifier circuit with a shunt capacitor filter is
A. 2 Vsm
B. Vsm
C. Vsm/2
D. 3 Vsm

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