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ECE Objective Questions { Diode Circuits }

92. In a semiconductor diode, the barrier offers opposition to
A. majority carriers in both regions
B. majority as well as minority carriers in both regions
C. holes in P-region only
D. free electrons in N-region only

93.  ____rectifier needs four diodes
A. Bridge
B. Half wave
C.Centre-tap full wave
D. None of the above

94. The current in reverse bias, in a P-N junction diode may be
A. few micro or nano amperes
B. few milliamperes
C. between 0.2 A and 2 A
D. none of the above

95. Which of the following statements for a zener diode is correct?
A. Sharp breakdown occurs at low reverse voltage
B. Forward voltage rating is high
C. Negative resistance characteristics exist
D. None of the above

96. An ideal diode should have which of the following?
A. Infinitely large resistance in forward as well as reverse bias
B. Infinitely large resistance in the forward bias and zero resistance bias
C. Zero resistance in the forward bias as well as reverse bias
D. Zero resistance in the forward bias and infinitely large resistance in reverse bias

97. The depletion layer of a P-N junction diode has
A. only free mobile holes
B. only free mobile electrons
C. both free mobile holes as well as electrons
D. neither free mobile electrons nor holes

98. Which of the following can be measured by using Hall's effect?
A. Carriers concentration
B. Electrostatic field intensity
C. Magnetic field intensity
D. Average number of holes

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