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ECE Objective Questions { Diode Circuits }

85. The best value of rectification efficiency for a full wave (unfiltered) rectifier could be around
A. 50 percent
B. 65 percent
C. 80 percent
D. 95 percent

86. The best value of rectification efficienty for a half wave rectifier could be around
A. 40 percent
B. 55 percent
C. 80 percent
D. 95 percent

87. For a half wave rectified sine wave the ripple factor is

88. The effect used in LED (Light Emitting Diode) is
A. radiative combination
B. formation of phonons
C. energy transfer from one electron to another when excited electron reverts from conduction band to valence band
D. formation of light emission

89. In LED, light is emitted because
A. light falls on LED
B. diode emits light when heated
C. recombination of charges takes place
D. any of the above

90. Which of the following is an active device?
A. Electric bulb
B. Transformer
D. Loudspeaker

91. Which of the following is a passive component?
A. Vacuum tube devices
B. Capacitors
C. Semiconductor devices
D. All of the above

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