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Electronics Engineering Objective Questions { Digital Communication System }

225. Consider the following features regarding satellite communication :
A. Gaussian
B. Rayleigh
C. Rician
D. Poisson
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226. The techniqueof polarisation diversity is used
A. in satallite communication
B. in troposcatter communication
C. to combat fading in microwave communication
D. to increase repeater spacing in microwave link
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227. Smith's charts are used to obtain the impedance relations along a
A. lossless transmission line for different load conditions
B. lossy transmission line for different load conditions
C. lossy transmission line terminated at a load equal to line characteristic
D. lossless transmission line terminated at a load equal to line characterstic impedance
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228. If the distance 'd' between the radar and the target is reduced to 'd/2', then the received power becomes 'N' times the power recived earlier. The value of 'N' is
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229. Which one of the following pulses has the same form in time domain as well as in frequency domain?
A. Rectangular pulse
B. Exponential pulse
C. Triangular pulse
D. Gaussian pulse
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230. the probability of density function of the envelope of a sinusoidal signal along with narrow band noise follows the following distribution :
B. 0.75 kHz
D. 0.25 kHz
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231. The Instrument Landing System (uS) and the Ground Controlled Approach (GCA) system of landing, use
A. Glide path localizer and two radars, repectively
B. Master and slave stations for both
C. Glide path localizer for both
D. Two radars for both
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