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Electronics Engineering Objective Questions { Digital Communication System }

190. The bandwidth of a 'N' bit binary coded PCM signal for modulating a signal having bandwidth of 'f' Hz is
A. ? Hz
B. N2
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191. PCM systems require regenerative over long distances. The repeaters correct squence of the operations which such a repeater performs is timing,
A. making equalization and decision
B. equalization, timing and decision making
C. timing, thresholding (decision) and equalization
D. none of these
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192. The channel capacity under the Gaussian noise environment for a discrete memory less channel with a bandwidth of 4 MHz and SNR of 31 is
A. 20 Mbps
B. 4 Mbps
C. 8 kbps
D. 4 kbps
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193. The bandwidth of a PCM system having two quantization levels is B. If the quantization level is increased to 8, the resultant bandwidth will be
A. B
C. 3B
D. 4B
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194. For the Hamming black code, if "n' be total word length of the block and 'k' be the number of information bits, then an allowable code of this (n, k) family of Hamming code is
A. (7, 5)
B. (15, 11)
C. (31, 25)
D. (129, 120)
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195. Consider the following statements : In comparison to PCM, a DM system suffers from the disadvantages of 1. slops overload; distortion 2. larger bandwidth 3. more complex circuitry 4. inferior performance Which of these statements is/are correct?
A. 1 alone
B. 1 and 2
C. 2 and 3
D. 4 alon:.
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196. Good voice reproduction via PCM requires 128 quantization levels. If the bondwidth of voice channel is 4 kHz, the data rate is
A. 256 kbps
B. 128 kbps
C. 56 kbps
D. 28 kbps
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