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ECE Objective Questions { Digital Circuit and Microprocessor }

36. A unique advantageous feature of CMOS logic family is its
A. use of NMOS circuits
B. power dissipation in nanowatt range
C. speed
D. dependence on frequency for power dissipation

37. CMOS circuits are extensively used for one-chip computers mainly because of their extremely
A. low power dissipation
B. large packing density
C. high noise immunity
D. low cost

38. Power is drawn by a CMOS circuit only when
A. its output is high
B. its output is low
C. it switches logic levels
D. in static state

39. Whick of the following statement uc regarding S-R flip-flop is wrong?
A. it consists of two cross-connected NOR gates
B. it forms the basis of more sophisticated memory element known as master-slave flip-flop
C. itt belgngs to the family of static memories
D. it is anon-volatile memory

40. The latest microprocessor 80486 having 1.2 million transistors was released in the market in 1989 by
A. PCS Data Products
B. Intel corporation
C. Compac Computer Corp.
D. Tata Honeywell

41. The hot new chip recently released by Motorola is

42. A 2 x 8 RAM stores
A. two eight-bit data words
B. eight two-bit data words
C. sixteen one-bit data words
D. none of the above

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