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Electronics Engineering Objective Questions { Digital Circuit and Microprocessor }

379. The present output Qn of an edge triggered JK flip-flop is logic 0. If J = I, then Q0+1
A. cannot be determined
B. will be logic 0
C. will be logic 1
D. will race around
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380. Statement for Linked Answer Questions 81a and 81b :Consider an 8085 microprocessor system1 The following program starts at location 0100H. LXI SP, ()OFF ;LXI H, 0701;MVI A, 20H;51JB M The content of accumulator when the program counter reaches 0109H is
A. 20H
B. 02H
C. 00H
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381. IL If in addition following code exists from 019H onwards,ORI 40 H;ADDM What will be the result in the accumulator after the last instruction is executed?
A. 40H
B. 20H
D. 42H
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382. The number of product terms in the minimized sum-of-product expression obtained through the following K-map is (where, "d" denotes don't care states)1 0 0-1;0 d 0-0;0 0 d-1;1 0 0-1
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383. A new Binary Coded Pentary (BCP) number system is proposed in which every digit of a base-5 number is represented by tis corresponding 3-bit binary code. For example, the base-5 number 24 will be represented by its BCP code 010100. In this numbering system, the BCP code 100010011001 corresponds to the following number in base-5 system
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384. Following is the segment of a 8085 assembly language program LXI SP, EFFFH CALL 3000 H;3000 H: LXI H,3CF4 H;PUSH PSW
A. output 7
B. output 5
C. output 2
D. output 0
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385. X = 01110 and Y = 11001 are two 5-bit binary numbers represented in two's complement format. The sum of X and Y represented in two's complement format using 6 bits is
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