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Electronics Engineering Objective Questions { Digital Circuit and Microprocessor }

358. An Intel 8085 processor is executing the program given below. MVI A, 10H BACK: MVI B, 10H NOP ADD B RLC JNC BACK HLT The number of times that the operation NOP will be executed isequal to
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359. When a program is being executed in an 8085 microprocessor, its Program Counter contains
A. the number of instructions in the current program that have already been executed
B. the total number of instructions in the program being executed
C. the memory address of the instruction that is being currently executed
D. the memory address of the instruction that is to be executed next
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360. A memory system has a total of 8 memory chips, each with 12 address lines and 4 data lines. The total size of the memory system is
A. 6 kbytes
B. 32 kbytes
C. 48 kbytes
D. 64 kbytes
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361. The following program is written for an 8085 microprocessor to add two bytes located at memory addresses 1FFE and 1FFF LXIH,1FFE MOV B,M 1NR MOV A,M ADD INR MOV M,A XOR A On completion of the execution of the program, the result of addition is found
A. in the register A
B. at the memory address 1000
C. at the memory address IRO
D. at the memory address 2000
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362. The contents of stack location 2109 Hafter the call operation will be
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363. The contents of stack location 2108H after the call operation will be
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364.  The contents of the program counter after the call operation will be
A. 30 FOH
B. 40 FOH
C. 50 FOH
D. 60 FOH
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