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Electronics Engineering Objective Questions { Digital Circuit and Microprocessor }

29.  Different variables used in Boolean algebra canhave values of
A. 0 or 1
B. low or high
C. true or false
D. ON or OFF
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30. According to the algebra of logic, (A + A) equals
A. A
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31.  According to the Absorptive Laws of Boolean algebra, expression (A + AB) equals
A. A
B. B
D. X
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32.  When we demorganize A B,weget
A. -A- B
B. -A- + 3
D. X + T3
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33. . The dual of he statement (A + 1)=1 is
A. A. 1 =A
B.A.0 = 0
D.A.A= 1
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34. Saturated logic circuit have
A. short saturation delay time
B. low switching speed
C. higher power dissipation
D. lower noise immunity
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35. Special feature of I2L logic circuit is that it
A. uses only high-value resistors
B. dissipates negligible power
C. is a bipolar saturated logic
D. iseasy to fabricate
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