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Electronics Engineering Objective Questions { Digital Circuit and Microprocessor }

302. Intel 80386 is often called logical extension of Intel 80286 because 80386 has
A. higher clock frequency
B. more number of address and data lines
C. paging unit, which translates linear addresses to physical addresses
D. all of above
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303. Intel 80486 offers high performance than 80386 because
A. on chip memory management is present on 80486
B. multitasking support is provided by 80486 and not by 80386
C. 80386 has on chip cache memory available
D. all of above
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304. RISC is characterised by
A. hardwired controldesign with no micro codes
B. fixed instructionformat
C. executing most of the instructions in a single clock cycle
D. all of above
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305. The theoretical dividing line between Reduced Instruction Set Computing (RISC) chips and Complex Instruction Set Computing (CISC) chips is
A. number of pins in the chip
B. number of address and data lines
C. instructionexecution rate to be one instruction per clock cycle
D. none of these
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306. One of the following is not found on the motherboard of a personal computer
A. direct memory access (DMA) controller
B. Programmable timer
C. interrupt controller
D. Video display adapter
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307. One of the following is a direct entry input device
A. Key-to-diskette
B. Punched card
C. Computer terminal
D. Mouse
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308. One of the following is a very popular application software for DTP applications
A. Pagemaker
B.(6) Word Perfect
C. Lotus 1-2-3
D. dBase-Ill Plus
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