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Electronics Engineering Objective Questions { Digital Circuit and Microprocessor }

246. Micro-processor 8085 is the enhanced version of with essentially the same construction set
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247. Opcode
A. that part of the construction which tells the computer what operation to perform
B. an auxiliary register that stores the data to be added or subtracted from the accumulator
C. the register that receives the constructions from the memory
D. one of the constructions in the instruction set.
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248. In 8085, the instruction register is part of the control unit. The contents of the instruction register are split into two nibbles. The upper nibble goes to the
A. memory address
B. controller sequence
C. source programme
D. micro-instruction
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249. The nmemonics used in writing a program is called
A. assembly language
B. fetch cycle micro-instruction
C.(e) object program
D. none of the above
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250. In micro-processors like 8080 and the 8085, the cycle may have from one to five machine cycle
A. micro-instruction
B. source program
C. instruction
D. fetch cycle
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251. A___ is used to isolatea bit ; it does this because the ANI sets all other bits to zero.
A. subroutine
B. flag
C. label
D. mask
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252. Match the following :Column I Column 11(a) Pop (i) to save data in the stock(b) Push(ii) to read data from the stack (c) Stack (iii) a portion of memory reserved for return addresses and data(d) Mask (iv) a byte used with an ANI instruction to blankout certain bits
A. a ? (i), b ? (ii), c ? (iii), d? (iv)
B. a ? (ii), b ? (i), c ? (iii), d ? (iv)
C. a ? (iii), b ? (iv), c ? (i), d? (ii)
D. a ? (iv), b ? (i), c ? (iii), d ? (ii)
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