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ECE Objective Questions { Digital Circuit and Microprocessor }

15. The binary equivalent of A16 is
A.(b) 1011
B.(a) 1010
C.(d) 1110
D.(c) 1000

16.  BCD code is
A. non-weighted
B. the same thing as binary numbers
C. a binary code
D. an alphanumeric code

17. Which of the following combination (s) is/are 4-bit in the invalid BCD code?

18. Octal coding involves grouping the bits in
A. 5's
B. 7's
C. 4's
D. 3's

19. In Excess-3 code each coded number is that in the BCD code.
A. four larger
B. three smaller
C. three larger
D. much larger

20. A logic gate is an electronic circuit which
A. makes logic decisions
B. allows electron flow only in one direction
C. works on binary algebra
D. alternates between 0 and 1 values

21. In positive logic, logic state 1 corresponds to
A. positive voltage
B. higher voltage level
C. zero voltage
D. lower voltage level

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