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Electronics Engineering Objective Questions { Digital Circuit and Microprocessor }

197. Which of the following is an inverter?
A. Common base amplifier
B. Common collector amplifier
C. Common emitter amplifier
D. All of the above
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198. A combination of AND function and NOT function results in
A. OR gate
B. inversion
C. NAND gate
D. NOR gate
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199. It is required to determine the logical output of the circuit shownin figure, built using NAND gates. Pick up the correct answer
A. A. B
B.A+ B
C. A +
D. A 171 + X ITt
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200. A + B = Y is Boolean expression for
A. OR gate
B. NOR gate
C. Inversion
D. NAND gate
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201. A half adder includes
A. a NAND gate with OR gate
B. a AND gate with XOR gate
C. only AND gate
D. neither OR nor XOR nor AND gate
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202. For the circuit shown in Fig. 7.10 the output Xis given by
B. X = A +
C. X =A . "g
D. X =A A. B
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203.  A NAND gate is called a universal logic element because
A. it is used by every body
B. any logic function can be realized by NAND gates alone
C. all the minimization techniques are applicable for optimum NAND gate realization
D. many digital computers use NAND gates.
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