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Electronics Engineering Objective Questions { Digital Circuit and Microprocessor }

120.  The fan-in a logic gate refers to the number of
A. input devices that can be connected
B. input terminals
C. output terminals
D. circuits output can drive
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121.  Which of the following statements regarding ICs is not correct
A. ECL has the least propagation delay
B. TTL has the largest fan out
C. CMOS has the biggest noise margin
D. TTL has the lowest power consumption
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122.  The Boolean equation for NOR gate is
A. AB =C
B. X + = C
C.A+B = C
D. A + B = C
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123.  The Boolean equation for a NAND gate is
A. A + B = C
B. AB = C
C.A+B = C
D. X + 13- = C
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124.  The logic function of an invertor is
A. B =A
B. B = X
C. B = 71
D. None of these
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125.  The simplified form of the Boolean expression Y = (X .BC + D) .D+) can be written as
A. .D + 1-3.D
B.AD + B. -E .D
C.(X +D)(171.C+ -15)
D. A. + BC.
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126.  If a NAND latch has a 1 on the SET input and a 0 on the CLEAR input, then the SET input goes to 0, the latch will be :
C. Invalid
D. None of these
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