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ECE Objective Questions { Digital Circuit and Microprocessor }

114. CMOS circuits are extensively used for onchip computers mainly because of their extremely
A. low power dissipation
B. large packing density
C. high noise immunity
D. low cost

115. The main advantage of a CMOS logic family over the TTL family is its
A. much reduced power
B. increased spe:d of operation
C. extremely low cost
D. series base resistor

116. CMOS logic family uses only
A. MOSFETs and resistors
B. NMOS circuits
D. bipolar transistors

117.  Power is drawn by a CMOS circuit only when
A. its output is high
B. its output is low
C. it switches logic levels
D. in static state

118.  The most obvious identifying feature of a TTL gate is its
A. large fan-out
B. high power dissipation
C. interconnected transistors
D. multiemetter input transistor

119.  In digital circuits shottky transistors are preferred over normal transistor because of their
A. lower propagation delay
B. higher propagation delay
C. lower power dissipation
D. higher power dissipation

120.  A unique operting feature of ECL circuit is its
A. very high speed
B. high power dissipation
C. series base resistor
D. compatibility with other logic series

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