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ECE Objective Questions { Digital Circuit and Microprocessor }

107. Saturated logic circuits have inherently
A. short saturation delay time
B. low switching speed
C. higher power dissipation
D. lower noise immunity

108. Noise margin is expressed in
A. decibel
B. watt
C. volt
D. phon

109. DTL family employs
A. resistors and transistors
B. diode and resistor
C. diode and transistors
D. diodes, resistors and transistors

110. The chief advantage of Schotty TTL logic family is its least
A. power dissipation
B. propagation delay
C. fan-in
D. noise immunity

111. The main advantage claimed for ECL family of logic gates is its
A. very large fan-in
B. use of negative power supply voltage
C. extremely low propagation times
D. least power dissipation

112. Special feature of an 12L logic circuit is that it
A. uses ony high-value resistors
B. dissipates negligible power
C. is a bipolar saturated logic
D. uses no biasing and loading resistors

113.  A unique advantages feature of CMOS logic family is its
A. use of NMOS circuits
B. power dissipation in nanowatt range
C. speed
D. dependence on frequency for power dissipation.

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