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Electronics Engineering Objective Questions { Digital Circuit and Microprocessor }

92. Which of the following represents analog data?
A. ON and OFF states (b)0 and 1
B.(c) OV and 5V
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93. The logic gate which produces a 0 or low-level output when one or both of the inputs are 1 is called gate.
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94. The output X of the gated network shown in Fig. 7.4 is
A. AB . CD . EF
B. AB + CD + EF
C. AB + CD + EF
D. (A + B)(C + D) (E + F)
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95. Boolean algebra is essential based on
A. symbols
B. logic
C. truth
D. numbers
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96. The output of a 2-input OR gate is zero only when its
A. both inputs are 0
B. either input is 1
C. both inputs are 1
D. eigher input is 0
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97. The first person who used Boolean algebra for the design of relay switching circuits was
A. Aristotle
B. Boole
C. Shannon
D. Ramanujam
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98. Different variables used in Boolean algebra can have values of
A. 0 or 1
B. low or high
C. true or false
D. On or OFF
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