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ECE Objective Questions { Digital Circuit and Microprocessor }

79. In positive logic, logic state 1 corresponds to
A. positive yoltage
B. higher voltage level
C. zero voltage level
D. lower voltage level

80. In negative logic, the logic state 1 corresponds to
A. negative voltage
B. zero voltage
C. more negative voltage
D. lower voltage level

81. The voltage levels of a negative logic system
A. must necessarily be negative
B. may be negative or positive
C. must necessarily be positive
D. must necessarily be OV and ?5V

82. The output of a 2-input OR gate is zero only when its
A. both inputs are 0
B. either input is 1
C. both inputs are 1
D. either input is 0

83.  An XOR gate produces an output only when its two inputs are
A. high
B. low
C. different
D. same

84. An AND gate
A. implements logic addition
B. is equivalent to a series switching circuit
C. is an any-or-all gate
D. is equivalent to a parallel switching circuit

85. When an input electrical signal A = 10100 is applied to a NOT gate, its output signal is

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