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ECE Objective Questions { Bipolar Junction Transistor }

57. Which of the following method used for biasing a BJT in integrated circuits is considered independent of transistor beta?
A. fixed biasing
B. voltage divider bias
C. collector feedback bias
D. base bias with collector feedback

58. In an ac amplifier, larger the internal resistance of the ac signal source
A. greater the overall voltage gain
B. greater the input impedance
C. smaller the current gain
D. smaller the circuit voltage gain

59. The main use of an emitter follower is as
A. power amolifier
B. impedance matching device
C. low-input impedance circuit
D. follower of base signal

60. An ideal amplifier is one which
A. has infinite voltage gain
B. responds only to signals at its input terminals
C. has positive feedback
D. gives uniform frequency response

61. The smallest of the four h-parameters of a transistor is
A. hi
B. ht.
C. h0
D. hf

62. The voltage gain of a single-stage CE amplifier is increased when
A. its ac load is decreased
B. resistance of signal source is increased
C. emitter resistance RE is increased
D. ac load resistance is increased

63. When emitter bypass capacitor in a CE amplifier is removed, its is considerably reduced.
A. input resistance
B. output load resistance
C. emitter current
D. voltage gain

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