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Electronics Engineering Objective Questions { Bipolar Junction Transistor }

50. In the case of a BJT amplifier, bias stability is achieved by
A. keeping the base current constant
B. changing the base current in order to keep the lc and V
C. keeping the temperature constant
D. keeping the temperature and the base current constant
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51. For a transistor amplifier with self-biasing network, the following components are used : R1 = 4 Ica, R2 = 4 kr/ and RE = 1 Ica the approximate value of the stability factor `S' will be
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52. A transistor circuit employing base bias with collector feedback has greater stability than the one without feedback because
A. lc decrease in magnitude
B. VBE is decreased
C. of negative feedback effect
D. lc becomes independent of f3.
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53. The universal bias stabilization circuit is most popular because
A. Ic does not depend on transistor characteristics
B. its 13-sensitivity is high
C. voltage divider is heavily loaded by transistor base
D. lc equals IE.
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54. Improper biasing of a transistor circuit leads to
A. excessive heat production at collector terminal
B. distortion in output signal
C. faulty location of load line
D. heavy loading of emitter terminal
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55. The negative output swing in a transistor circuit starts clipping first when Q-point
A. has optimum value
B. is near saturation point
C. is near cut-off point
D. is in the active region of the load line.
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56. When a BJT is employed as an amplifier, it operates
A. in cut-off
B. in saturation
C. well into saturation
D. over theactive region
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