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ECE Objective Questions { Bipolar Junction Transistor }

43. When a BJT is in saturation
A. lc = 0
B. IB controls lc
C. VcE = 0
D. VcE has positive value

44. A transistor is operated as a non-saturated switch to eliminate
A. storage time
B. turn-off time
C. turn-on time
D. delay time

45. Early-effect in BJT refers to
A. avalanche break down
B. thermal break down
C. base narrowing
D. zener break-down

46.  A bipolar junction transistor (BJT) is used as power control switch by biasing it in the cut-off region (OFF state) or in the saturation region (ON state). In the ON state, for the BJT.
A. both the base-emitter junction and base-collector junctions are reverse biased
B. the base-emitter is reverse biased, and the base-collector junction is forward biased
C. the base-emitter junction is forward biased, and the base-collector junction is reverse biased
D. both the base-emitter and base-collector junctions are forward biased

47. The dc load line of a transistor circuit
A. has a negative slope
B. is a curved line
C. gives graphic relation between IC and 1B
D. does not contain the Q-point

48. The positive swing of the output signal in a trnasistor circuit start clipping first when Q-point of th circuit moves
A. to the centre of the load line
B. two-third way up the load line
C. towards the saturation point
D. towards the cut-off point

49. To avoid thermal run away in the design of analog circut, the operating point of the BJT should be such that it satisfies the condition
A. VcE = 1/2 V
B.VcE < 1/2 Vcc
C. VcE > 1/2 V
D.VcE < 0.78 Vcc

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