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ECE Objective Questions { Bipolar Junction Transistor }

36. If a change in base current does not change the collector current, the transistor amplifier is said to be
A. saturated
B. cut-off
C. critical
D. complemented

37. When an NPN transistor is saturated, its VcE
A. is zero and Ic is zero
B. is low and lc is high
C. equals V Ic is zero
D. equals V lc is high

38. When an NPN transistor is cut-off, its VCC
A. equals V lc is high
B. equals V lc is zero
C. is low and Ic is high
D. is high and lc is low

39. If, in a bipolar junction transistor, IB = 100 ILA and lc = 10 mA, in what range does the value of its beta lie?
A. 0.1 to 1.0
B. 1.01 to 10
C. 10.1 to 100
D. 100.1 to 1000

40. In a BJT, largest current flow occurs
A. in the emitter
B. in the collector
C. in the base
D. through CB junction

41.  In a properly-connected BJT, an increase in base current causes increase in
A. lc only
B. 1E only
C. both Ic and IE
D. leakage current

42. When a BJT operates in cut-off
A. VcE = 0
B. VcE = Vcc
C. VcE has negative value
D. lc is maximum

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