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ECE Objective Questions { Bipolar Junction Transistor }

29.  In a junction transistor, the collector cut off current I030 reduces considerably by doping the
A. emitter with high level of impurity
B. emitter with low level of impurity
C. collector with high level of impurity
D. collector with low level of impurity

30. In a transistor amplifier, the reverse saturation current 'Co
A. doubles for every 10?C rise in temperature
B. doubles for every 1?C rise in temperature
C. increases linearly with the temperature
D. doubles for every 5?C rise in temperature

31. In the case of a bipolar transistor, a is
A. positive and > 1
B. positive and < 1
C. negative and > 1
D. negative and < 1

32. The E13J of a given transistor is forward-biased and its CBJ reverse-biased. If the base current is increased, then its
A. lc will decrease
B. VcE will increase
C. lc will increase
D. Vincrease

33. The collector characteristics of a CE - connected transistor may be used to find its
A. input resistance
B. base current
C. output resistance
D. voltage gain

34. Which of the following approximations is often used in electronic circuits?
A. lc IE
B. IB lc
C. 1B 1E
D. IE IB + lc

35. When a transistor is fully switched ON, it is said to be
A. shorted
B. saturated
C. open
D. cut-off

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