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ECE Objective Questions { Bipolar Junction Transistor }

22.  Mark the wrong statement? In a circuit, VcE = V the transistor is
A. operating in cut-off
B. operating in saturation
C. open-circuited
D. operating with all resistors in series with VcE shorted

23. In amplifier circuits, biasing of transistor is necessary to
A. ensure that transistor is saturated
B. ensure that transistor is cut-off
C. establish suitable dc working conditions
D. fix the value of current amplification

24. The emitter of a transistor is generally doped the heaviest because it
A. has a dissipate maximum power
B. has to supply the charge carriers
C. is the first region of the transistor
D. must possess low resistance

25.  For current working of an NPN bipolar junction transistor, the different electrodes should have the following polarities with respect to emitter.
A. collector +ve, base ?ve
B. collector ?ve, base +ve
C. collector ?ve, base ?ye
D. collector +ve, base +ve

26. In a properly-biased NPN transistor, most of the electrons from the emitter
A. recombine with holes in the base
B. recombine in the emitter itself
C. pass through the base to the collector
D. are stopped by the junction barrier.

27. The following relationships between a and p are correct EXCEPT
A.a p =13
B. a ? 1
C. a =1 +1
D.? a =1 +13

28. The value of total collector current in a CB circuit is
A. =alE
B. lc = alE la
C. Ic = "IE 'co
D. Ic = alE

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